Security & Reliability

Our priority with AirportX is to build a platform that is and remains fast, reliable & secure.

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We don't compromise

At AirportX we take security and reliability very seriously. While we take pride in rapid, agile development and driving innovation, we never compromise in this area.

This extends across all parts of the AirportX ecosystem, from the reliability of our app to how we take payments and how we handle your customers' data.

Built on a reliable industry-leading cloud stack

AirportX utilises the power of Google Cloud to offer high-speed and reliable performance resulting in >99.9% uptime for API and web.

Additionally we have robust monitoring and alerting processes in place to ensure our system runs smoothly at all times. Auto-scaling allows us to seamlessly manage any sudden spikes in traffic.

Technical skill and development processes to ensure quality

Our development processes are built around high coding standards and industry best practices. Strict change control, peer reviewing and automated testing ensure that our code quality is first-class, leading to successful and seamless launches.

The AirportX team is made up of experts who have a background of working for large reputable tech companies like Skyscanner and Google, ensuring that we always stay ahead of the curve.

Data security

In line with GDPR, AirportX only collects user data that is required to fulfill the transaction. All data on our systems is handled in a compliant manner, with strict security policies in place as well as processes to automatically anonymise PII.

To ensure our customers' card data is safe and secure, we have integrated with market-leading payment service providers who are experts in data security. At AirportX, we never handle credit card data directly on our servers. Instead, we use tokenisation to provide an excellent customer experience while keeping data safe and secure.