Expand your horizons with multiple channels and brands.

AirportX offers the flexibility to maximise your distribution and reach using multiple online sales channels and brands.

Launch additional white labels with ease

Whether you'd like a second channel to sell a subset of your inventory, or brand up an additional white label for an external partner, AirportX makes it easy to run multiple white labels which all benefit from the same optimised booking journey.

Restyling a white label is quick and easy and can be done within the AirportX interface.

Sell products across multiple brands

In addition to multiple white labels, we can also help you cater to different audience segments using additional brands.

We have developed a multi-tiered distribution strategy to maximise conversion which all AirportX customers can benefit from.

Share inventory with 3rd parties via API

We want to make it as easy as possible to share your AirportX inventory with your partners. Our well documented self-service API allows for seamless integration with any system: From 3rd party channels or airline partners, to best buy tables on your main website or a voice quote and booking app.

Once integrated, selling your products on your API channels is easily achieved with the click of a button. Prices are reflected instantly on all direct and 3rd party channels and all booking conditions are also enforced across channels.

Retain complete control over pricing, cancellation policies and close out rules

An airport-controlled closeout process was key to our specification for AirportX. Additionally rules regarding availability, pricing, cooling off and cancellation fees are automatically enforced across all channels, including the API.

AirportX creates a unique ID for every quote, to ensure that the correct price is enforced at the point of booking through a 3rd party site. On booking, this quote ID is to ensure the price is correct. In the event of a cancellation we verify again whether the booking can be canceled and if there is a fee associated so you have complete control over cancellation and amendments across all digital channels.

For developers

Self-service rest API

AirportX comes with a self-service API which allows you to integrate your inventory with any system. Our API is well documented and easy to use.See API documentation