Dynamic Pricing & Automation

With our real-time demand-driven model, AirportX takes the complexity out of pricing and help you maximise yield.

Pricing is critical to achieving high profitability, so it is important to invest in the right technology to help you manage this. AirportX offers a set of powerful, flexible pricing tools to manage yield and maximise revenue, whether you're looking for an automated solution, prefer to manually revenue manage, or use a combination of both.

Demand-driven dynamic pricing

The AirportX pricing suite can do all the heavy lifting for you in setting optimal prices while taking into account all the possible combinations of different arrival days, durations and lead times across any number of products.

Create custom rate cards and ladders for all your products. These feed into our model so AirportX sets the right price for each individual search based on real-time demand.

Automate your pricing based on lead time and occupancy

As lead time reduces or occupancy increases for any given date and the rate card thresholds are exceeded, the system will automatically move to the next rate card.

This gives the option to fully automate dynamic pricing: set it up once and then let AirportX do the rest!

Flexible promotions

Flexible promo code or voucher functionality allows you to create as many codes as needed.

The configuration options for each code include the code itself, the discount value (amount or %), booking from/to dates, arrival from/to dates, the number of available codes, and the channels and products the code should apply to.

Moving towards smart revenue management with investment in machine learning and AI

We believe innovation is crucial to continued commercial success and are developing the next generation of dynamic pricing.

The introduction of a machine-learning algorithm specifically designed to price airport ecommerce products will be the next step towards programmatic, smart pricing, enabling quicker price changes in response to multiple data sources and real-world trends.