At AirportX, we embrace being bold and independent. We prioritise our customers - because we're one of them, delivering innovative solutions with genuine care. Our agility and commercial mindset mean we adapt swiftly and efficiently, making a positive impact on revenue.

Be bold

We have created a unique environment where you have the freedom to make mistakes, to test and try things out. We learn from all that we do. We are independent and know our own mind. We are leaders, not followers. Our attitude is 'why not?'

Be customer-focused

We look after our customers and their needs. We listen to them, collaborate, and are keen to provide our customers with market-leading, innovative solutions: and make life easier, and more profitable, for them. We genuinely care about our customers.

Be agile

We are nimble and adaptable. We react quickly to changing circumstances. From market demands to new opportunities we are aware of what's going on and we are 'on it' straight away. We always need to evolve and develop.

Be commercial

We are driven by our commercial success. We live by efficiency and effectiveness because we want to make a positive impact on revenue. Our spirit of adventure is perfectly aligned with our practical commercial reasoning.

The first AirportX integration was our own

Our background in ecommerce and technology told us we could build our own, better, solution. We wanted to release our team to do their jobs better and fulfill their potential.

Today we power big and small booking solutions that give others the same opportunity.

Case Study: Edinburgh Airport

Meet the team

  • Alec Hodgson
    Alec Hodgson

    Head of Digital and Parking

    Industry expert with over 10 years of working with online parking booking systems. Previously at Gatwick, Pokerstars and Yahoo

  • Gail Taylor
    Gail Taylor


    20 years of commercial leadership across retail, property, car parking and digital. Previously worked at World Duty Free

  • Gary Harrower
    Gary Harrower

    Senior Software Engineering Manager

    10 years of technical leadership and innovation at Edinburgh Airport. Previously worked at the NHS and Skyscanner

  • Robert Jinga
    Robert Jinga

    Revenue Manager

    8 years of commercial experience in revenue, yield and channel management. Previously worked at Hilton and The Arch London

  • Berit Jimmink
    Berit Jimmink

    Digital Product Manager

    10 years experience in digital product-focussed roles in various industries. Previously worked at the BBC and Google

  • Paul Young
    Paul Young

    Senior Software Engineer

    6 years of experience in developing digital apps, specialising in front end and UX. Previously worked at PODFather

  • Iain Bayne
    Iain Bayne

    Ecommerce Lead

    5 years experience as CRO professional optimising UX and conversion rates. Previously worked at Schuh and the NHS

  • Ronan Jackson
    Ronan Jackson

    Senior Software Engineer

    5 years experience in the travel ecommerce space. Full stack developer - loves hairy challenges. Previously worked at Skyscanner

  • Oliver Taylor
    Oliver Taylor

    Senior Software Engineer

    10 years of experience in web development, specialising in travel ecommerce. Previously worked at Manchester Airport Group

  • Jonathan Gillies
    Jonathan Gillies

    Software Engineer

    Software engineer of 4 years with a background in ecommerce, hospitality and customer service. Enjoys large scale projects and learning new technologies

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins

    Digital Support Manager

    7 years experience in customer service. Always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Previously worked at Daxtra

  • Caleb Cooper
    Caleb Cooper

    Junior Software Engineer

    Graduated from Heriot-Watt with 1 year of industry experience, passionate about UX. Previously worked at Sundown Solutions Ltd

AirportX is a trading business of Edinburgh Airport Limited, a company registered in Scotland (Company Number SC096623) and having a registered company office at Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EH12 9DN. VAT number GB123423062

This website aims to provide information about AirportX products to prospective customers. If you are interested, we'd be more than happy to follow up with a demo or just have a chat about how we might help you.

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