Management Tools

We take the same approach to our management tools as we do to the customer booking journey.

Speed and simplicity: We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for your team to do their job. From updating products and setting pricing to creating promo codes, we have built an intuitive system for all your day-to-day management tasks.

Security and reliability: Single sign-on (SSO) and 2FA ensures your booking data is secure, and defined user roles allow for a configuration where any part of the system can only be accessed on a need-to-know basis.

Control: Our aim is to make airports completely self-sufficient in managing all aspects of their ecommerce setup. That means access to the things you need for end-to-end self-service configuration.

Manage all your products and pricing with ease

The intuitive AirportX Engine content management system makes it quick and easy to create or amend products, availability rules and promotions. All changes are instant and visible on the white label within seconds.

Once products are set up you can automate your pricing strategy with fully customisable rate cards and ladders. The sophisticated AirportX pricing model will automatically move to the next rate card as lead time reduces or occupancy increases.

Capacity management & flow

Advanced capacity and close-out management is available for all parking and non-parking products, including flexible overrides for temporary changes to capacity and restrictions on the number of entries and exits per hour.

Capacity, availability and close-outs are automatically enforced on all AirportX channels, including 3rd party consolidators and partner websites.

Call Centre: customer service portal

The AirportX Call Centre brings together all the information your customer support teams need to provide a stellar service efficiently. Agents can quickly look up any booking or customer account using any of the booking attributes such as email or car registration.

Agents can perform actions from editing details to cancelling a booking on behalf of the customer when required. Permissions for advanced actions like the ability to override cancellation rules are available for certain user roles.

Reporting and insights

The AirportX dashboard shows all your most important KPIs at glance and in real-time so you can keep a close eye on recent performance and trends throughout the day.

Flexible report downloading, scheduling and emailing and/or a full database extract is available for detailed data analysis and BI reporting in your own reporting tools.