A/B testing

All AirportX customers automatically benefit from continuous improvement through our dedicated A/B testing programme without incurring the cost of failed tests.

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A/B testing is a critical strategic pillar for revenue improvements by finding incremental growth through continuous optimisation of the shared white label booking journey.

We focus on testing significant changes through true front-end variation testing. This is how AirportX achieves real, proven conversion gains and growth in average order value:

  • +16% increase in conversion from 2016 to 2021;
  • +50% increase in conversion for mobile devices;
  • +3% uplift in revenue per visitor in 2022.
A great user experience drives conversion

Minimising the time taken to run through the booking process is critical to both a high conversion rate and a good customer experience.

Our frictionless user journey is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices. It takes only 12 seconds to make a booking.

Built around ecommerce targets

Our skilled team has a background in both ecommerce and airport parking and includes resources dedicated to conversion and user experience improvements.

We take a data-driven approach to UX and put every change through our A/B testing framework - a programme of high-value tests and in-depth statistical analysis. Only features proven to have a positive impact on the key metrics are rolled out.

Continuous improvement and innovation

We are committed to avoiding obsolescence through innovation and automation. Our agile development cycle ensures we are constantly launching new functionality and responding to changes in the real world.

Our competitive roadmap, with items driven by the needs of airports, is generated from discussions with our customers as well as by regulation requirements, digital industry trends and our drive to keep innovating.

Sharing our success

All AirportX partners automatically benefit from our dedicated A/B testing programme to continuously improve the booking journey.

Our team runs experiments on an ongoing basis. If it works, our airport partners benefit from the improvements, if it doesn't, they do not incur any losses.